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Our Philosophy

<b>We Simplify the Complex</b>

We Simplify the Complex

Our clients’ personal and business financial lives are overwhelmingly complicated.  We provide a “signature” experience – comprehensive, holistic wealth management that helps our clients address all the issues affecting every part of their financial lives and create plans for a secure financial future.

We often refer to the “Tyranny of the OR” in our planning process.  The “Tyranny of the OR” is a concept from the business best-seller “Built to Last,” by James C. Collins which speaks about the belief that things must be either A or B, and can’t be both.  Many advisors help with plans for insurance protection or  investment management. Other advisors assist clients with either their personal or  their business planning and keep them separate and unique, believing they must choose one or the other.  The reality is that we believe advisors need to embrace the “Genius of the AND,” meaning they should address more than just one facet of a client’s financial life, based on personal and business objectives.

At Signature Wealth Advisors, we help with insurance protection and investment management.  We help with family and  business planning. 

We prefer “The Genius of the AND” to “The Tyranny of the OR” as we help people build, protect and preserve their wealth.

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